Friday, July 10, 2009

More on Prius hybrid battery computer

Further experiences with the series 1 hybrid computer leads me to believe that in most cases the damage to the battery results from a computer fault. One or more diode in the computer fails resulting in incorrect of the battery computer. This is when you get the triangle error.
The problem with this situation is that unless the battery is fully functional it is impossible to diagnose a computer fault. The diagnostic scanner will return a battery fault even if it is the computer that is faulty. This is because the computer scans and senses the battery voltages and if 1 diode is faulty it gives the scanner a faulty battery error.
We sent faulty computer to a company for repair and upon installation all errors including the triangle error disappears. There was no need to reset error codes with the diagnostic scanner.
More update on this blogg soon as I investigate the problem further.

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