Sunday, August 7, 2011

Using a Restored and Reconditioned Battery

Reconditioned Batteries Are Good For The Environment

To make a standard battery we use plastics for the casing, lead for the plates and terminals, lead dioxide for the active material and sulphuric acid for the electrolyte. All these are saved if we recondition and reuse this same battery.

But if they only last 3 months .......
Our record is five years for an automotive battery and even longer for storage batteries. Prior to us coming on to the scene people used to buy used batteries from car wreckers and other battery reconditioners. these batteries are still sulphated an only for 2 weeks to 3 months which gives rise to the perception that reconditioned batteries only last 3 months.  A fully restored and reconditioned battery can last as long as a new battery. Our return rate is less than 1%.

But is it safe to use ?
Our desulphation process uses high frequency pulses to agitate the lead sulphate crystals  breaking it's hard molecular bonds.This changes it to soft sulphate and allow it to take place in the chemical reaction again. The result is that we get a "Restored Battery" that is as good as new and often last 2 - 3 years.  A restored battery is as good as a new battery.


Cheap battery bank for an off grid power system.

Save our planet and save money at the same time

Reconditioned batteries are not only for people on a tight budget. They are safe to use, can last as long as a new battery, and is good for the environment. Think about how much energy and raw material have been saved by recucling and reusing a reconditioned battery.

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