Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Good Is The Prius Series 1

Many Prius Series 1 owners have given up on their vehicle after bad experiences with their car HEV battery. This is not surprising as there has been very little help or information available to them to allay their fears and frustrations.

They are told that it costs $12,000 for a replacement battery by none other than Toyota themselves! This is as good as saying "Your car is scrap metal" It may be that this model was never meant for the international market and only exported out of Japan as used vehicles. However it does not help the image of hybrid cars to early adopters of this technology.

The Prius Series 1 Hybrid is A VERY GOOD CAR. This is our unreserved opinion after reconditioning the Series 1 battery pack since 2007. Our breakthrough came when we were able to clear the fault code in the battery computer. This made it possible to correctly diagnose the real problem with the vehicle which contributed to the HEV battery failure in the first place. What we have discovered is that any inefficiency in the internal combustion engine (ICE), affects the HEV battery.

The most important thing to do when owning a hybrid vehicle is to keep the ICE operating at peak efficiency. Ironically because the vehicle seems to runs so well even when the ICE is not 100% - maintenance is neglected.

We have seen vehicles run without coolants ! Spark plugs which are normal standard plugs not changed for 150,000 Kms, Most important the air flow meter is not operating at 100%. It should be cleaned on regular basis and if not performing correctly, it should be replaced.

We would be the only people who will recondition the Prius Series 1 HEV battery for $1500. The battery is not new but even so, if the ICE is operating faultlessly this car will perform as expected. We will be able to keep the HEV battery operating for as long as the car continues to get a warrant.

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clearlipstick said...

I purchased a 10/1998 mk1 prius, registered till december 2012. The car passed importation inspection 11/06. Currently has 47000km on the clock. Toyota service sticker on windscreen, advises next service due at 45000km. Car and mechanics appear in immaculate condition.

I purchased dead from Ebay for $2200.00. I was told the dash desplayed car with exclamation mark, then turtle and triangle.

I had it towed home and then replaced the 12v battery as the previous battery was dead and looked in need of an oil change itself. Yuk.

After replacing the battery, the lights and dash came on, desplaying both the triangle and car with exclamtion marks.

When the battery warning came on, I pressed charge on the charger in the boot. After that charge, the car started.

I let it warm up for a bit, noticing that it smelt as if it was running a little ritch. Then after taking it for a 30 min drive on mostly flat roads, both car and triangle lights were still on and the turtle appeared around twice. Acceleration was still possible.

Sitting at the lights, the car ran that quiet I thought it had stopped. It hadn't. I've been horrified to read on many sights that this make appears condemmed to paper weight duties due to the battery pack design and replacement issues. Having grown up rather poor and hearing repeatedly "finish all your food on the plate"..along with "waste not- want not", I trully want to believe a way is possible to keep this like new car viable.

Can you please help/advise meas to how?