Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Questions and Answers on 4 different hybrids

Q1.  I have a Prius in America - 2001. 138,000 miles, never had a problem until now - the inverter/converter went out. Toyota dealer mechanic estimates $4,200 to replace and possibly will have to buy new battery (another $2,300). trying to get advice - is it worth fixing or probable to have more expensive repairs down the line; is it possible to find usable converter/inverter part from salvage yard?

A1.  My guess is that it is the battery. I have never known of an inverter converter failure. My guess is that replacing the battery will fix the problem. The part on the inverter is just extras for doing nothing. We will of course repair the battery and fit the Power Jockey for less than the cost of the battery.

Q2. I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid with 36,200 miles. Took it to a Toyota dealer who did a diagnostic, which stated that the converter/inverter component needed a replacement. Cost to repair if not on warranty for the component would be $8000.

A2. Another converter/inverter. By putting up these problems Toyota is really shooting themselves in the foot.  I cannot diagnose the fault but again it would be very unlikely that it is the battery. Since it should still be under warranty - let them replace the inverter /converter!!

Q3. I have a Alphard hybrid, 2006, bought directly from Japan. I seem to have a loss of fuel mileage and wonder if there maybe something wrong. Using about twice as much fuel.

A3. If it is still running the battery should be OK. It will most likely be something in the ignition and fuel system.

Q4. I have a grey import NHW10 prius fault codes c2678-c2679-c2680 & subsequently no run situation. please advise.

A4. C2678 - Battery system failure.
       C2678 - HV battery failure
       C2680 - ILK disconnection

The first 2 codes means the battery has failed. So you will need to get it repaired. No point replacing as it would cost more tham the car is worth.
ILK Disconnection - means that the computer have disconnected the battery from the drive train. This car is no longer mobile. The engine will go into a high rev mode going nowhere.

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