Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can I Gurantee That The Power Jockey Works?

 I have been asked this question by hybrid vehicle owners wanting to have their batteries reconditioned and having the Power Jockey fitted.

Can I guarantee that it will work?

This is a great question and I think you should look at it both ways.

The Main battery is getting old. It was calculated to last 7 years
That in itself is a feat as the same batteries (NIMH cells ) used
in drills last between 6 months to 1 year if used every day. Obviously it is the
way that the battery is used that gives it the long life span.

With reconditioning we try to extend this "life span" This is done
by bringing the battery to within accepted levels as detected by the
vehicles systems. Though some have gone 3 years after reconditioning
most have failed again within 2 years, Batteries after reconditioning
are still fragile and cannot take on too much stress.

When these batteries are approaching 12 years old reconditioning does not
seem to be enough to keep them within the acceptable limits of the vehicle
operating systems. This is why we developed the Power Jockey as a
battery augmentation system.  So far as we know, from the installations
since the beginning of November, there have been no failures in the 20
installations and counting. Results are encouraging. In fact they are beyond
my expectations.

We have not stopped there. By January we will introduce the Power Saddle
(now under test) which fits on the power Jockey and really puts a "tiger in
  the tank" These two developments stretches the "life span " envelop of
HEV batteries, hopefully (fingers crossed) for the remaining life of the vehicle.

Now, can I guarantee? Well I don't have enough information to guarantee.
It's like having an untested cure for a terminal condition. Without it you
haven't got a vehicle. Do you want to be one of the first to try?

The only guarantee I can give you at this stage is a year warranty on your
battery after you install the Power Jockey.

I have tried the system and It makes the car incredibly powerful. How it can work is still a mystery to me as, if it was that good, why haven't Toyota or others smarter than I, discovered it?  Ehmm - Perhaps they haven't looked here yet!!

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