Monday, December 20, 2010

Prius Generation 1 High Voltage Leak and Power Jockey

Error Codes

C2577 - High voltage system insulation failure

C2668 - High voltage system leak

C2577 is an error code related to the battery. This was fixed and cleared.

C2688 is an error code related to the hybrid system. We were unable to clear this as it would involve checking the whole hybrid drive train.

The problem with this vehicle is that no matter how good a battery we put in the vehicle, the turtle will appear and the battery soon drains out.

One final solution is to install the power jockey hoping that it will at least allow the vehicle to operate normally. If this does not work then the leak in the hybrid system must be fixed.

This particular vehicle was reconditioned and repaired 4 times with the whole battery pack changed twice. Never ran for more than 2 days before battery pack collapse. Running with the power jockey engaged over 80 KM, turtle appeared under hard acceleration Triangle error cleared itself near the end of the 80 KM run. Quite likely the problem in the hybrid system still exist and will recur. However the power jockey seem to bring the system back within it's limit of tolerance.
Quite clear that without the power jockey this vehicle is only fit as scrap metal.

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