Sunday, August 7, 2011

Low cost battery bank for an off grid power system

The heart of an off grid system are the batteries

The first thing that you want to get right when setting up an off grid system are the batteries. These is the most expensive part of the system and it is also the most vulnerable.

All batteries sulphate over time. Harderned sulphate molecules cannot take part in the energy exchange. In addition they also form a layer over the active material below insulating it from the acid. This is the main cause of loss capaciity in new batteries that sits on the shelf.

Our desulphation process and techniques soften up these sulpahte molecules so that they can take part in the energy exchange again. In doing so it also exposes the active material below which results in the huge increase of capacity.

A new 12 volt 200 ah gel or agm battery can cost up to $2500. We sell these for less than $500. A small 400 ah 6 X 2volt cells can cost up to $8000 we sell these for $1200. Restored and recondition batteries although about 1/10 the price will last just as long ie 5 to 15 years.

Looking at it another way. For the price of a new battery bank, if you use restored batteries instead, you could pay for the whole system. The better news is that we can continue to support and service these batteries to extend their useful life.

Before setting up a system talk to us about your requirements. getting the correct batteries and keeping the path towards expanding your system open is the beft way towards future proofing you considerale investment. (More)

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