Monday, August 15, 2011

Solar Water Feature

Most water feature used in landscape gardens uses 240 volt Ac converted to 12 volt Ac or DC. The mordern lanscape design should incorporate solar power to power Dc water pumps . Once installed it is completely self contained and the cost of running is zilch - nana - ZERO.
I have installed such a system in my garden. The first problem I encountered was that I could not get a Dc pump from the water feature supplier. Theirs was 12 volt or 24 volt AC and cost $150. I managed to obtained a similar capacity DC pump for $40 on the Internet. This worked perfectly on my water feature.
As I only needed the water feature to work in the day solar power was perfect as I had power for the water feature when the sun shorn.
Full setup and details of this water feature design below 

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